Sometimes it just takes a piece of paper and a pencil to alter the reality any way you want and make fantastic art out of it. The Belgian artist discovered that mixing…
The Ivory Coast born artist Ben Heine introduced this original concept back in 2010, with his first Pencil Vs Camera series. He combined pencil drawings with photography, taking pictures of people, interesting architecture or passages while holding a piece of paper with an imaginative drawing that corresponded to the photo in some way.
The contrast between two mediums is even stronger because most of the drawings are done in black and white, opposed to the colorful photo background. Each drawing ads a bit of surreal to the otherwise ordinary photo, depicting wild animals, mythological creatures and other figments of Heine’s imagination.
Since his first series quickly became popular thanks to the web, it was followed by two more, and the pictures you’re looking at are his latest work from Pencil Vs Camera 3 series. Heine points out that he always ads a deeper meaning to his work, using the limitless possibilities of changing the scenery with handmade drawings to make sure there’s a short story behind every photo he takes.


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